We train national partners, respond to legislation, and provide an open forum for debates on important issues.


What We Do


Facilitate collaboration: We provide a resource for pretrial service providers to come together and learn from each other. We provide an opportunity for pretrial service agencies to work with New York state government to implement pretrial reforms.

Establish standards: We determine the standards for pretrial services in New York and help agencies meet them.

Provide education: We create and administer educational materials for pretrial service agencies on best practices and the latest research. We educate state New York’s policymakers on what services are necessary to promote pretrial justice.




Our mission is to ensure access to quality pretrial services in New York for all who need them, by supporting pretrial service agencies across the State.




Justice: NYAPSA is committed to ensuring justice. Justice requires providing quality pretrial services to all who need them in a manner that is equitable and non-discriminatory.

Reform: NYAPSA believes in implementing reform. Pretrial reforms must be driven by data and the best available research.

Fairness: NYAPSA promotes fairness. People involved in the criminal justice system are treated fairly when they are shown compassion, have their voices heard, and are treated with dignity.


Our History


Pretrial-release services began as a result of the bail-reform movement in New York State. In the early 1960's, the Vera Foundation, now The Institute of Justice, in New York City found that many indigent defendants were held in detention for long periods on low bail. The Manhattan Bail Project found that most pretrial defendants could be released on their own recognizance (ROR), without bail, with relatively low failure-to-appear risk. The project was highly successful and became the foundation for hundreds of pretrial programs nationwide. In 1978, the pretrial practitioners in New York State formalized their network by establishing the New York Association of Pretrial Service Agencies (NYAPSA).


Pretrial Release Services


Pretrial Release Services are intended to benefit everyone involved in the court system, providing counties with a safe way to ensure court appearance while guaranteeing liberty and autonomy to pretrial individuals.


Release Assessment

Ensuring that nearly every arrested person can be interviewed by pretrial program staff, and utilizing a transparent system to provide information to the court that can facilitate a fair and efficient release decision.

Supervised Release

Providing personalized supportive services to those who could use them, this program helps to keep people out of pretrial detention and in their communities.

Notification of Court Appearances

Distributing helpful information to people with upcoming court dates, and functioning as an accessible resource for answering questions and concerns about the pretrial process.

Data and Research

Providing key information and insights to criminal justice agencies and policymakers


Board of Directors


The NYAPSA Board of Directors is composed of leading experts in the field of pretrial justice. Board members bring experience with pretrial services in several capacities and from every corner of the state.


President- Charlene Leistman, Monroe County Pre-Trial Service

V.P. Release- Jonathan Heller, Consultant

V.P. Diversion- Jonathan Heller, Dutchess County Office of Probation & Community Corrections

Treasurer- Stacey Fusco, Washington County Alternative Sentencing

Secretary- Sue Mowrey, Washington County Alternative Sentencing

Director at Large I- Peter Kiers, Pretrial Consultant

Director at Large II – Elizabeth Saba, NYC Criminal Justice Agency

Region I, Director (1/2)- Olivia Dana, Center for Justice Innovation

Region I, Director (2/2) - Andrew Cox III, NYC Criminal Justice Agency

Region II, Director - Juliet Cappelletti, Nassau County Probation Department

Region III, Director-Angela Beightol, Niagara County Probation

Region IV, Director- Kathy McQuade, Dutchess County Office of Probation & Community Corrections




Through decades of collaboration, NYAPSA has formed integral partnerships with leading organizations in the criminal justice system. This includes having a deep influence on the national standards as a charter member of NAPSA, as well as pursuing ambitious joint projects with other New York agencies.


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